We Watch and we Wait …

The season of Advent is one of patient preparation, but what does it mean to prepare for the coming of Christ into the world?

Maybe, preparation means simply adjusting our eyes to see light when there seems to be none. God calls us to be witnesses who point to Jesus and say “Look!” so that people around us might be able to see, understand and experience God’s peace.

Perhaps pointing and saying, “Look!” can be our contribution to preparing the way for the Incarnation of Jesus as a tiny vulnerable baby, giving light and hope to a suffering world that often can’t see the obvious even when it’s right in front of it.

May the Church and Christians everywhere be a Blessing to all in their communities this Advent, a light shining in the darkness of a troubled world.

Even though Covid is perhaps less of a threat than it was, Covid, flu and other respiratory infections can have serious consequences for the vulnerable, so in everything that we do, we continue to be careful to protect each other out of love.  

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Many Blessings

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