‘Anglican’ Christianity: A four-part series in Advent 2022

Richard Hooker

What does it mean to be an ‘Anglican’ Christian? 

Over 40 Churches around the globe, consisting of no less than 85 million people, identify themselves as ‘Anglican’. Yet, Anglicans are divided among themselves in terms of doctrine and practice as demonstrated in the most recent Lambeth Conference (Summer 2022). This Series looks to four staples that Anglicans have classically identified as the bases of their belief and behaviour to highlight harmony rather than discord.

The Series will be offered on the Mondays of Advent 2022 at 7pm (GMT) in four 30-minute webinars, each of which will be posted on YouTube. The Series is meant to be a resource for Anglicans/Episcopalians to use creatively during the Season of Advent, for example as a refresher course for individuals or a conversation starter for church groups, with discussion questions at the end of each webinar.

  1. Holy Scripture: ‘all things necessary to salvation’ and the rule of faith (Monday 28 November)
  2. The Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds: symbols and statements of faith (Monday 5 December)
  3. The Dominical Sacraments: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper (Monday 12 December)
  4. The historic Episcopate: a universal and locally adopted means of unity (Monday 19 December)

Presenter: Revd Dr Michael Hull, Director of Studies and Tutor, Scottish Episcopal Institute, Edinburgh.

Time: 7pm to 7.30pm (GMT) on Monday evenings in Advent 2022.

Registration is free. All are welcome. Register is here.

Advent Study – the Book of Amos

The topic of our Advent Study year is “The Book of the Prophet Amos”.

There is clearly much for us to reflect on in this Book, which is well worth reading even if you don’t make it along to the study group sessions.

Amos, a shepherd and a farmer, found himself recruited by God to be his prophet to the northern kingdom of Israel, though his message extends to other nations, including the southern kingdom of Judah. Amos saw a society and a religion on its last legs, but nobody else did.

Standards in Amos’ society had declined. Authority and the rule of law were despised, national leadership, while revelling in the publicity and privilege of position and quick to score debating- points, wasn’t facing up to the real issues and standards of public morality were at a low ebb.

Affluence, exploitation and profit were the main motivators of those in power. The rich were affluent enough to have multiple houses, while the poor and defenceless were shamelessly exploited or simply ignored.

Religion at the time adored what was traditional, sacrifices were meticulously offered, the musical side of worship was keenly studied but religious observance had become a self-justifying enterprise, self-pleasing and abhorrent to God.

The state of Amos’ society provide the context for his ministry and also invites us to considering that he might have something to say to us today as there are undoubtedly parallels between Amos’ society and our own. 

Groups start in the week beginning 25th November. 

There will be one session after the midweek service in St Finnbarr’s
at 11am on Wednesday mornings 30th Nov and 7th and 14th Dec

A second session will be held after the midweek service in St Andrew’s hall
at 7pm on Thursday evenings 1st, 8th and 15th Dec.

All are most welcome whether or not they’re members of any of our congregations.

Tain Parish Church Film Club

Tain Parish Church is delighted to be re-starting their Winter Film Club evenings.

This Armistice they will be screening

BONHOEFFER Agent of Grace’,

which dramatises aspects of the life of Dietrich Bonhoffer, the German Theologian who was executed by the Nazis.

The details are:

Friday 7:30 pm,

Tain Parish Church Hall.

Cert PG. 

Refreshments will be served.

Premier of a film about John Wycliffe – Monday 31st October

Murdo Macleod – a Christian filmmaker originally from the Isle of Skye. has just completed a film called “Morningstar” exploring the life and legacy of Christian reformer John Wycliffe. You can see the trailer and further information on their website – www.morningstarfilm.co.uk

Starting a week on Monday (31st October), the film is going on a UK Premiere tour, showing in towns and cities across the country. The first of these showings will be in Dingwall on Monday 31st October. You are invited to join them for this screening.

Details of this and all other screenings can be found on their website – www.morningstarfilm.co.uk/screening-tour – but in essence the film begins at 7.30 and will be in The Hub (Dingwall Evangelical Church) on Hill Street.

The venue is not the largest, so they are recommending people who are interested to get tickets through Eventbrite (the link is on their website). The tickets are free, but it will mean you have a seat on the night.

🎵 Come and Sing 🎵

Criech Parish Church Bonar Bridge

🎵 Come and Sing 🎵

Always wanted to sing?

Already sing?

Come and join the Sunday Singers

from 4-5pm 

in Creich Church 

from Oct 9th until Dec 18th 

and sing towards Christmas.

Everyone welcome

🎼. 🎹. 🎼. 🎼

The Black Mambas are Coming on 10th October

The Black Mambas are the first all-female anti-poaching organisation in the world and comprised solely of women. They are a nonprofit anti-poaching unit in South Africa, who won the Eco-Warrior Silver Award for their work combating poaching. Not only is this organization making impressive strides to reduce poaching, it is also helping to address South Africa’s unequal social climate.

The Black Mambas are a project that has not only given women a source of employment, but also a voice in their communities. They present a unique employment opportunity for South African women, many of whom are the sole earner in their families, to afford housing and schooling for their children. The women also teach the importance of their anti-poaching efforts in schools through the Bush Babies Environmental Education Program and through that have become role models for young South African girls.

You have a chance to hear about their work and meet some of them in person on:

Monday 10th October 2022

At 7pm in Dornoch Social Club

When a group from the Black Mambas will be giving a presentation, showing a video and taking questions from the audience. This event is child-friendly, so all ages are welcome.

This formal part will last roughly an hour and afterwards there will be a Coffee and Shortbread and a chance to have an informal “chat” with the girls. 

There will also be a small raffle and a “silver collection” to raise funds for their work. 

There will be additional parking available in the grounds of St Finnbarr’s if the Social Club car park is full. 

All are welcome to come along and meet some of these ground-breaking women in person.

You can register for this event at: https://www.empowering-success.co.uk/meet-the-mambas

Stations of Creation – 23rd Sept & 4th Oct

Stations of Creation

During the Season of Creation, we have been holding services of Stations of Creation around the grounds of various places of worship.

The service is based around St Francis’ “Canticle of the Creatures” on which the hymn All Creatures of our God and King is based. As we move around the grounds, we pause 10 times for Scripture, Reflection and Prayer and then sing a little of All Creatures of our God and King as we move to the next stop. It is a lovely way to reflect on Creation and the Creator.

The next service is at: St Columba’s Brora on Friday 23rd September at 5:30pm

There will also be one at: St Finnbarr’s Dornoch on Tuesday 4th October at 5:30pm (The Feast of St Francis)

All are most welcome to join us either tomorrow in Brora or a week on Tuesday in Dornoch.