Study Group Resources

The Beloved (Advent 2018)

The written material for all three of the sessions is contained in one document:

The life of the beloved study

The videos of Henri Nouwen’s sermons on Youtube which were at the heart of each session:

Session 1

Being the Beloved

Session 2

Becoming the Beloved

Session 3

Disciples of the Beloved

Prayer (Lent 2020)

To start with, an episode of Radio 4’s “Something Understood” in which Rowan Williams talks about Prayer.

The materials below are in two forms:

  • A PDF file with sequential A4 pages
  • A PDF file with pages arranged so that if your printer can print double-sided with a short-edge binding (and you know what that all means:-) you can print it and fold it to resemble the ‘booklets’ that I have been handing out for earlier sessions.

If in doubt, the first format will produce something readable. If you have problems, either ask a friend or get in touch with me.

Each week there is the session booklet and in some weeks a further booklet of additional material/resources.

If there are things in the materials that you wish to talk with me about, you know how to contact me.

Session 1 – The essence of prayer

Prayer – session 1

Booklet Prayer – session 1

Prayer – the great traditions

Session 2 – The person who prays

Prayer – session 2

Booklet Prayer – session 2

Session 3 – Growth in prayer

Prayer – session 3

Booklet Prayer – session 3

Prayer – aids

Booklet Prayer – aids

Session 4 – Living in tune

Prayer – session 4

Booklet Prayer – session 4

Spiritual Consolation and Desolation

Booklet Spiritual Consolation and Desolation

Session 5 – Pray like this

Prayer – session 5

Booklet Prayer – session 5

Prayer – Silence, Review and Examen

Booklet Prayer – Silence, Review and Examen