Active Worship on-line


During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we aren’t always all able to meet in our normal places of worship to offer our prayer and praise to God, but there are on-line and broadcast services available: Church Services on Radio, TV and on-line .  If you’d like to be a more active participant than is possible with many of the above, we’ve recorded a Eucharist for the Epiphanytide Season, with that aim in mind.

A Eucharist Service

As part of our Worship together, we share in offering the Liturgy, the Prayers and the Readings:

  1. After each bidding, there’s a gap for you to respond in the same way as you would in Church,
  2. You pray the appropriate Collect for the Day,
  3. You look up and deliver the Readings for the Day,
  4. You offer you own Intercessions to God as part of our worship.

At points 2, 3 & 4 you’ll need to pause the playback until you’ve offered the prayers or readings.  In addition you could also pause it to sing a hymn, play a piece of music, reflect on the readings or read a sermon.

To help with 2 & 3, the Collects and Readings at the Eucharist can be found in the SEC Calendar entry for the particular day.

You probably need little prompting for responses or the parts of the Liturgy that we say together, but if you need a copy of the 1982 Liturgy, you’ll find one here.  On the Sundays of Ordinary Time we will use Eucharistic Prayer I.

Before you start

Before you start:

  • Check that you have a copy of the Collect.
  • Look up the Readings in your Bible, so that you can read them at the appropriate point.
  • If you wish to prepare your Intercessions in advance make sure that they’re to hand.
  • If you are going to read a sermon after the readings have that to hand also.
  • Find a comfortable place for our Worship.
  • Perhaps light a candle.
  • Spend a couple of minutes stilling yourself and becoming aware of God’s presence.

The Service Itself

When all is prepared, start the Service either in video or audio form.  During the Service provide the responses joining in also with the Confession, the Creed, the Agnus Dei and the Lord’s Prayer.  Pause the playback for the Collect, Readings and Reflection/Sermon and again for the Intercessions.  Enjoy being in the presence of God and Worshipping Him with me.

Services for the Season from Trinity to Advent (ordinary time)

From St Andrew’s Tain

MP3 Audio

From St Columba’s Brora

MP3 Audio


We’d be grateful for feedback on your experience of worshipping God in our company in this way and suggestions for improvements that might be made for future versions of the Service.

God Bless you.
James & Simon