Home Worship Resources

During this time of Pandemic, not everyone is able to get to Church for a service of worship, so we have gathered together some resources that you might find helpful for use at home.



Since the number of people who can attend a funeral are limited and many people are unable to travel to the funerals of friends or family, this resource provides a form of service for you to use at home at the time when a funeral is taking place which you are unable to attend.


Online Eucharist

If you’d like to be a more active participant than is generally possible with online or broadcast services, we’ve recorded video (and also audio) of a Eucharist for the Eastertide Season, with that aim in mind.

At points you pause the playback until you’ve offered prayers or readings.  In addition you can also pause it to sing a hymn, play a piece of music, reflect on the readings or read a sermon.

We’ve prepared a document containing the Collects and Readings for each Sunday in October and November 2021. This link will usually take you to the Text of this Week’s Readings .

You probably need little prompting for responses or the parts of the Liturgy that we say together, but if you can download a copy of the 1982 Liturgy.  In this period we will use Eucharistic Prayer I.

Here you can find Full Details of these Services and guidance on how to use them.

Weekly sermons can be found on our Sermons Page (but they only stay there for a couple of weeks).

Spiritual Communion

The term ‘Spiritual Communion’ has been used historically to describe the means of grace by which a person, prevented for some serious reason from sharing in a celebration of the Eucharist, nonetheless shares in the communion of Jesus Christ. This form of prayer provides an opportunity to give thanks for our communion with Him, particularly at times when we would normally be present at the Eucharist in Church but are not able to. 

Times of Lament

This Collect and Eucharistic Prayer has been approved for use when there is suffering and distress and the congregation feels that they need to reflect that in their worship.


If you have any comments on any of these resources or feel that there are unmet needs, please get in touch.