Service Summary

 Sunday Services

Sunday of the Month Dornoch Tain Lairg
1st Eucharist 11am Eucharist 11am Eucharist 8:15am
2nd Eucharist 11am Eucharist 11am
3rd Reserved Sacrament 11am Eucharist 11am Eucharist 8:15am
4th Eucharist 11am Reserved Sacrament 11am
5th As announced As announced Eucharist 8:15am

 Midweek Services

Day Dornoch Tain Bonar Bridge
Tuesday NA  NA Fourth Tuesday 5:30pm
Wednesday Service type varies 10:30am  NA  NA
Thursday  NA Reserved Sacrament 6pm  NA

Other Eucharists

Day Frequency Location Time
Tuesday 2nd Tuesday of month  Ardgay  10:30am
Thursday 3rd Thursday of Month Crask Inn  12:00pm
Saturday 1st Saturday of Month Crask Inn  5:00pm