St Maelrubha’s History


History of St. Maelrubha’s

St. Maelrubha’s celebrates the coming of that great Irish missionary saint to the people around Loch Shin. Here the more gentle east of the Northern Highlands meets with the rugged west and it is here where robust and steadfast commitment are joined with the gentleness of quiet and inclusive worship.

Through the grace and Christian love of the people of the Church of Scotland in Lairg, we are able to share their building and ecumenical activity is a feature of Christian life in Lairg where five denomination worship and quite often do things together. The offering and sharing of the Holy Eucharist, so important to the Celtic saints such as Maelrubha, is the lifeblood of the early morning Episcopal congregation which gathers on the hill overlooking Loch Shin.

This quiet celebration has been found by many to be a refuge for them. It is a worshipping community that first gathered in homes and the familial atmosphere of those early days has not been lost since that community moved to share in using the Church of Scotland building on Church Hill Road over 30 years ago.