A momentous day in their lives and the life of the Cathedral

Today saw the Ordination to the Diaconate of not one, not two, but three people.  Inverness Cathedral hasn’t seen that number of Ordinations in a single day for many many a long year.

Congratulations to Don Grant, Katrina O’Neill and Kathryn Sanderson.

May God richly bless them and those that they serve in Ministry.

Diocesan News – September/October 2019

The September/October Diocesan Newsletter is now available.

In it, Bishop Mark writes…

Dear Friends

I am writing this at Arpafeelie and it is lovely to be here with a little bit of time to look at the way that the seasons are changing, the first glimpses of Autumn on the trees, the arrival of sheep back into the neighbouring field and last night we lit our first fire for many months.
I love Autumn and I am thankful that I am able to travel around this beautiful diocese and how these seasonal changes bring fresh colour to the view.

This year though we are confronted by the very difficult political situation in the country, we are very aware of dangers and difficulties across the world and we are increasingly concerned for the changes that we have caused in the environment around us.

The questions of Should I light that fire? Should we change our car? How better could we heat our churches? These questions and more need to be addressed by the Church if we are to continue as stewards of God’s Creation. Please remember this as we approach our harvest festivals. How can we best care for the world, for the nations and for the country’s relationship with others. We can’t just keep taking we must be prepared to give back something for the benefit of this world.


+Mark Moray : Primus

Another Night to Remember

Another WOW of a concert from our friends the KYIV Classical Accordion Duo from the Ukraine.  A sizeable audience heard pieces by: Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach, Greig, Saint-Saëns, Borodin, Piazzolla and Anderson in a concert entitled “Round the World in 80 Minutes”.

The collection for the HIPPOKRAT Society of Mothers of Disabled Children who have suffered as a result of the explosion in 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Energy Plant, raised just over £592, with a further £90 in CD sales.

A wonderful night (as always) and a goodly number of people who had not heard Oleksii and Igor before, were introduced to their incredible musicianship in making their instruments sound like anything from a small squeezebox to a large church organ, to a string quartet or even a full orchestra.

Thanks boys and all who gave so generously.

Praise my Soul

This week is Golspie Gala Week.  It started on Sunday, when there was a Songs of Praise in the Marque.  The proceedings were attended by the Gala Queen Faith Francis, a nursing student, and her two attendants Mia Ratter and Mellisa Kay and led by our own Rev Simon Scott who is also headteacher of Golspie Primary School.

The congregation were in splendid voice as we sang hymns old and new.  Simon gave us a little bit of the story surrounding each one, so we came away knowing more about them than we did when we arrived.  A wonderful uplifting act of ecumenical worship to start what is proving to be a glorious week.



Worship through Creativity

Worship through Creativity


The Crask Inn

Come and enjoy a day’s retreat exploring how to pray with God through Creative Expression – led by:

Rev Ellie Charman and Rev Simon Scott

Curiosity is all that’s needed.  No prior artistic skills are required; just enthusiasm and a willingness to explore more of who you are in God.

Saturday 24th August 2019

10.30am – 3.30pm

£20 (Lunch Included)

SEI July/August 2019 Newsletter

The Scottish Episcopal Institute, which is responsible for training priests, deacons and lay readers in our Church, produces a monthly newsletter.  If you are interested in what the Institute and its students have been up to, you can read all about it in July-August 2019 News from SEI

At the end of General Synod there was a Valedictory Eucharist for the 2019 leavers. They are listed here from back left, followed by the initial of the Diocese in which each will serve.
Don Grant (MR&C)
Jenny Holden (A&O)
Kathryn Sanderson (MR&C)
Jane Edwards (Ed)
Jean Souter (A&O)
Sue Ward (Ed)
Roxanne Campbell (Br)
Annie Hughes (StAD&D)
Peter Woodifield(Ed)
Susan Henderson (URC)
Katrina O’Neill (MR&C)
Harriet Oxley (G&G)

The service was a truly joyful act of worship, made all the more so by the wonderful playing and singing of first year ordinand, Dr Lesley Penny, and fellow musicians from St Mungo’s Balerno. Afterwards students, their families and friends, staff, and the Convenor of the Institute Council, the Rt Revd Kevin Pearson, enjoyed lunch together at Mamma Roma’s restaurant where they were joined by five of the SEI Ambassadors and two clergy who have supported SEI hugely through the past year by giving their deputising fees to the Training Fund.

Sharing Lunch Together

The congregation of St Finnbarr’s and some also from St Maelrubha’s met together for a bring and share lunch after the services on Sunday.  Prior to that, Bishop Mark presided and preached in both congregations and so Jane and he were also able to be able to be part of the lunch party.  In spite of the weather forecast, the sun shone from time to time and it wasn’t as cold as we expected, but there were only a few hardy souls who trusted that their lettuce would not blow away in the strong breeze and lunched outside.  Suffice to say, a good time was had by all.