Season of Creation – September 2022

The Season of Creation runs from 1st September until 4th October (The Feast of St Francis).

This year we have a number of things going on in addition to our usual services:

Study Groups

There will be five pairs of sessions, based on material produced in South Africa in 2008 by members of  Green Anglicans – one after each of the midweek services in:

  • St Finnbarr’s Dornoch (Wednesdays starting at about 11am) and
  • St Andrew’s Tain Hall (Thursdays starting at 7pm)


  • 31st Aug/1st Sept – The Earth is the Lord’s
  • 7th/8th Sept – Water: the Source of Life
  • 14th/15th Sept – Climate Change
  • 21st/22nd Sept – Need not Greed
  • 28th/29th Sept – Stewardship: Caring for God’s Creation

The materials for the five sessions can now be found on the Study Group page.

Stations of Creation

There will be four services in different locations spread through the season:

  • St Andrew’s Tain – Friday 9th September at 5:30pm
  • St Trolla’s at the Crask – Thursday 15th September at 2:00pm
    (the same day as the Eucharist at noon)
  • St Columba’s Brora – Friday 23rd September at 5:30pm
  • St Finnbarr’s Dornoch – Tuesday 4th October at 5:30pm (The Feast of St Francis)

The service is based around St Francis’ “Canticle of the Creatures” and at each station there is a reflection from “Laudato si” Pope Francis encyclical on Care for Creation.

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