Sleep out to Help out

The heart breaking predicament of the fleeing refugees from the Ukraine is one of ongoing concern to everyone who has been watching TV and media news reports. Already many are donating essential food and medical items for onward transport to Poland and the other neighbouring countries that are doing their best to cope with nearly 2,000,000 refugees and perhaps in time to those left to face the Russian forces who have devastated buildings and killed thousands who are so bravely defended their homes and country.

A member of St Columba’s Brora and Rotarian, Alistair Risk has been so moved that he’s determined to support the Rotary Club of East Sutherland in raising funds to send Shelterboxes to Poland and whereever needed – each complete with tents for 8 people, bedding, cooking and eating utensils, First Aid equipment, Toys and books as well as tools and axes & a water tank, so that a family can survive in some sort of comfort for up to a year.

Each Shelterbox costs about £600 and he hopes to raise the cash for at least 2 which will be sent this month direct to the needy, sleeping out in a Shelterbox tent from Sunday 27th March for five nights. We are giving Alistair ‘asylum’ in the grounds of St Columba’s (the Tin Church on the A9) and he will sleep in the tent by night and during the day hopes that others will come along for a chat and to donate to the cause.

Alistair has set up a JustGiving page if you wish to help him on his way and he would be happy to talk with anyone who is passing and tell them about all the other events that the local Rotary are doing to raise money for this appeal (and of course take your money:-)

Alistair tells us:

As I approach 80 it’s some time since I last slept out but I still has my Scouts sleeping bag and blanket and I did once spend a month in the Arctic in Finland in 1961, so feels I will cope!
I’m very grateful to the church for their support and the use of such a prominent site on the A9 and hope that lots of people will visit me and give generously.

Alistair Risk

Fellow Rotarian Linda Graham says:

The Ukraine situation is heart breaking and the club is delighted that Alistair is helping us support the refugees

Linda Graham

Canon James says

“While the power of prayer is essential is such terrible times actions such as this will hopefully bring relief to some of the displaced people in need—well done !”

Rev Canon James Currall

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