SEI February 2021 Newsletter

Rev Alice Moira Grigor, who retired to Cromarty in 2015, died on 27 December 2020 aged 71. She served as Don Grant’s Diocesan Advisor during his training and Don writes of her:

Her stories and examples of parish situations were a delight as well as being informative. She could talk for Britain, meaning that our meetings were never less than two hours and often more, though they were always too short.

At her funeral on 8th January, Patsy Thompson, a neighbour and the Warden of Lay Readers in Moray, Ross and Caithness said:

Priest, relative, neighbour, friend – in every role Moira was a true force of nature. Everyone who knew her emphasises her powerful energy and stamina, her courage, her generosity, her skill as a cook, her love of fine art and music, and her sense of style.

Patsy has also said:

Moira had enough energy to power the national grid. I miss a strong, vital theologian friend, someone to cross swords with about church and mission; someone who introduced me to Wentworth’s jigsaws and taught me how to do lockdown with a much better grace.

You can read Rev Ann Tomlinson’s full piece about Moira and all the other news from the SEI in the February 2021 SEI Newsletter.

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