Our Active Worship on-line Services

There is now a local on-line Epiphanytide Eucharist for the rest of January available via our Active Worship on-line page.  This service is part of a series of services that have been provided since May, replaced as the seasons change.

The way that we have organised these materials is to try and allow as many as are able to Worship together, sharing in the offering the Liturgy, the Prayers and the Readings.  To facilitate active participation:

  1. After each bidding, there’s a gap for you to respond in the same way as you would in Church,
  2. You pray the appropriate Collect for the Day,
  3. You look up and deliver the Readings for the Day,
  4. You offer you own Intercessions to God as part of our worship.

At points 2, 3 & 4 you’ll need to pause the playback until you’ve offered the prayers or readings.  In addition you could also pause it to sing a hymn, play a piece of music, reflect on the readings or read a sermon.

To help with 2 & 3, we’ve prepared a document containing the Collects and Readings for each Sunday from Epiphany to Candlemas.  These are available via the Active Worship on-line page under ‘Services’ on our website.

The Epiphanytide service was recorded in St Andrew’s Tain and a new service will be recorded for Lent in St Finnbarr’s in the next week or two.

Other service that are being planned include:

  • Lessons and Music for Candlemas – Tuesday 2nd February at 7:30pm
  • An online Ash-Wednesday service on 17th February, with the virtual ‘imposition of ashes’
  • A celebration of Mothering Sunday on 14th March

Meanwhile we will continue to distribute weekly sermons via the web site, email and post.

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