Zoom Quiz Night – Thursday 23rd July at 7:30pm

Beatrice and Janet from St. Andrew’s, Tain present

A Grand Quiz Night on Zoom

Prepare to be puzzled, entertained and, perchance, to entertain!

But whatever you do, come prepared!

Folk from any of our congregations (or none) are most welcome to join us

There’ll be three rounds;

for two of them you need only yourselves and a sense of humour!

However …

for the ‘Unbelievable Truths’ round you’ll need to have ready

three startling,


or even outrageous

‘facts’ about yourself, your life, or your family.
(Such as: my dad rode to school on an elephant.)

Only two should be true and the rest of us have to guess which of the three is really ‘unbelievable’ (in other words a lie)! As well as laughing a lot we’ll have the opportunity to get to know one another just a little bit better.

You may also find you’ll need ample refreshments, which could be stronger than usual as we won’t be driving anywhere afterwards…

Zoom joining details are the same as for coffee mornings and will be circulated by email.

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