Reclaiming the Light


Lairg Christians Together held a Light Party yesterday evening in Lairg Community Centre, at which between 20 and 30 children (difficult to count them all in the dark:-), plus helpers and parents, enjoyed a splendid time.  It really was fun for everyone!!

Light Parties have been held by churches with the help of Scripture Union teaching materials. They’re focused on offering an alternative message around the time of what many people associate as Halloween.  The idea is that as a church we share the good news of Jesus with the young folk at Halloween.  It’s all about ‘Jesus the Light of the World‘.

Our Light Party was called “The Lost Sun” with bible teaching, games, crafts and, like any good party, lots of party food. A wonderful celebration of Jesus being the light in the darkness and about us being called to follow him. A really encouraging message in place of all the ghouls and monster type stuff that’s on offer in the shops at the moment.  However there were scary moments, such as when James was ‘dressed up’ as a Sun by a group of very enthusiastic young folk.


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