Another Night to Remember

Another WOW of a concert from our friends the KYIV Classical Accordion Duo from the Ukraine.  A sizeable audience heard pieces by: Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach, Greig, Saint-Saëns, Borodin, Piazzolla and Anderson in a concert entitled “Round the World in 80 Minutes”.

The collection for the HIPPOKRAT Society of Mothers of Disabled Children who have suffered as a result of the explosion in 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Energy Plant, raised just over £592, with a further £90 in CD sales.

A wonderful night (as always) and a goodly number of people who had not heard Oleksii and Igor before, were introduced to their incredible musicianship in making their instruments sound like anything from a small squeezebox to a large church organ, to a string quartet or even a full orchestra.

Thanks boys and all who gave so generously.

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