Of Church and State – from flags to drains

Yesterday evening Rev Canon Laurence Gunner regaled an enthusiastic audience with a talk about St George’s Chapel Windsor Castle.  This was no dry historical account (though there was plenty of history), no this was more of a ‘behind the scenes documentary’.  You see, Laurence was the Canon Steward at St George’s for about 10 years, a post that meant that he was responsible for every thing from the flag flying on top of the castle, to the tarmac and the drains.  In such a role, any mistake that you make is very public and probably long-lasting and you risk upsetting some very important people (and others who only think that they are important).

Laurence’s talk was well illustrated with his own photographs and also with anecdotes and humorous asides and he generated quite a buzz in the room – each time he suggested that we might have had enough, we just begged for more.  After the Tales, there was as there always is at such events,  Tea and Treats.

Thanks Laurence and the Easter Ross Inter-Church Group (ERICG) and the people of St Ninian’s Invergordon.

The next ERICG meeting is on Wednesday 14th November at Logie Easter Church of Scotland at 7:30pm, when Drew Anderson of the Sailors’ Society will be the speaker.

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