Crask dedicated to St Trolla

At today’s service of commissioning and dedication at the Crask Inn, Bishop Mark dedicated this community of worship, welcome and spirituality to St Trolla.  St Trolla (or Triduana) lived in the 7-8th centuries and is thought by some to have been one of several abbesses who accompanied St Regulus to Scotland when he brought the relics of St Andrew from Constantinople. She is also thought to have accompanied St Boniface on his mission to Pictland in AD 715.  St Trolla is commemorated in two places in East Sutherland, including St Trolla’s Chapel at Loth near Brora.

It was a splendid gathering of nearly 80 people who shared worship, fellowship and a wonderful spread lovingly prepared by Douglas and his team.  Bishop Mark dedicated the Crask for its twin tasks of welcome and hospitality and worship and spirituality and in so doing he sprinkled holy water at the entrance and in the principal rooms.

After which we celebrated The Eucharist:

All those involved in planning and ensuring the smooth running of a memorable occasion are to be congratulated (including fixing such glorious weather), +Mark, Denise and Douglas and their band of helpers – well done:-)

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