Getting Married – practical details

The things that need to happen for marriage to take place in a Scottish Episcopal Church:

  1. Make contact with the Priest in Charge of the church that you wish to be married in (contact details).
  2. The parties involved must satisfy the requirements of Scottish Episcopal Church law but the Priest can check that in the initial conversation.
  3. If one or both have been married previously, the explicit consent of the Bishop is required before an Episcopal Priest may marry the couple and the circumstances of any previous marriage(s) are relevant to the Bishop’s decision.  The Priest in Charge can guide you through the process and provide you with the necessary forms.  This process may take a few weeks so it is wise to allow sufficient time before making the other arrangements.
  4. Agree a date and time for the wedding before making all the other arrangements, so as to avoid the disappointment of not being able to be married in the place you wish, because of a lack of availability of church or priest.

The things that need to happen to be married legally in Scotland:

  1. Make contact with the Registrar for the registration district in which the marriage is to take place between six to eight weeks before the date of the proposed marriage (but not earlier than three months). The Registrar will then supply the necessary forms.
  2. The following documents will be required by the Registrar:
    (a) Both birth certificates
    (b) If one or both have been married previously, a copy of the decree of divorce or annulment.
    (c) If one or both are a widow or widower, the death certificate of the former spouse.
  3. Having submitted the necessary documents, the Registrar will inform you when to call back for the Marriage Schedule.
  4. This schedule must be brought to the Church on the day of the marriage and handed to the Priest before the ceremony. Please note; the ceremony cannot begin without this piece of paper and so it is recommended that it is brought to the rehearsal and left in the church safe until the time of the wedding.
  5. Within three days after the wedding ceremony, the Marriage Schedule, fully completed, must be returned to the Registrar from whom it was obtained. A Certificate of Marriage will them be issued.  If this does not happen, the marriage is not legal.
  6. There are modifications to these arrangements if one or both of the parties are residing outwith the United Kingdom: the Registrar will advise in such cases. It should be noted that a Marriage Visa will be required and this needs to be obtained in the country in which bride or groom or both reside.

Full details and forms can be found at: