Joy as Rector Instituted in Forres

Yesterday evening, Hamilton Inbadas was instituted as Rector of St John’s Forres in a wonderful display of the gift that is Anglican Liturgy.

The Church was packed with guests, members of the congregation, an all-age choir, visiting clergy from the SEC and clergy of other denominations in Forres.

Bishop Mark said in his address that at times during Covid, he had wondered if our churches would ever be full again – well he got his answer in St John’s last night.

The hospitality was generous and heartfelt and to top it all, there was a full supper served afterwards. Worship, fellowship, celebration, the whole package.

God was there! As we God’s people
Met to offer praise and prayer,
And we found in fuller measure
What it is in Christ we share.
There, as in the world around us,
All our varied skills and arts
Saw the coming of the Spirit
Into open minds and hearts.

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