Services on Sunday 1st January

On New Year’s Day – the Feast of the Naming of Jesus,
there will be just two services:

8:30am at St Maelrubha’s, Lairg (in Lairg Parish Church)

11:00am a Joint service at St Finnbarr’s, Dornoch.

There will be no service at St Andrew’s, Tain

Malcolm Guite wrote this lovely sonnet to mark the Feast of the Naming of Jesus:

I name you now, from whom all names derive
Who uttered forth the name of everything,
And in that naming made the world alive,
Sprung from the breath and essence of your being.
The very Word that gave us words to speak,
You drank in language with your mother’s milk
And learned through touch before you learned to talk,
You wove our week-day world, and still one week
Within that world, you took your saving name,
A given name, the gift of that good angel,
Whose Gospel breathes in good news for us all.
We call your name that we might hear a call
That carries from your cradle to our graves
Yeshua, Living Jesus, Yahweh Saves.

Malcolm Guite – From his collection “Parable and Paradox” published by Canterbury Press

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