Caption Competition no. 2 – the result

There were 15 entries for the Caption Competition this time and they were quite a diverse set clustered around themes of Lockdown, Hugs, Dancing, Phones/Tablets and Musical Instruments, so a big thank you to all who entered and came up with this little lot:

Sending a big mobile hug x

“Hello….. can you hear me? I’m on my mobile…”

“…my shield and protector…”

“God is this the only way to get a cuddle in Lockdown??”

“Forget social distancing, let’s just have a good old hug”

Rev Simon was so over Covid 19 he couldn’t wait to have a bear hug – his new prescription from spec savers had been delayed !!!!

“One, two cha cha cha”

Simon was thrilled with his new tablet.

Beach Boy Simon gets ready to ride the next (Covid) wave.

Viewers question Fr Simon’s claim to never being board in Church.

A preview of the new normal for the next series of Strictly?

Um…. BYO referred to bottles, not musical instruments.

“How did you get past Security with that?”

“You really didn’t need to bring your own organ, Simon, we do have one here, you know. In the loft!”

But the one that made Anna and I giggle the most was:

“Do you know this keyboard’s standing on my toes?”
“No, but you hum it and I’m sure we’ll all soon be joining in.”

Well done Nicholas Court for coming up with that one.

James and Anna

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