Discrimination, prejudice and bullying?

The Anne Frank Trust is dedicated to create a society safe from prejudice and discrimination, mainly through its work in schools and prisons.

On Thursday evening those who attended the latest ERICG meeting were each asked to reflect on a different quotation from the remarkable diary written by this young Jewish girl whilst in hiding from the Nazis. The presentation, with few spoken words needed, relied on emotionally powerful video clips of current victims of oppression and prejudice, in the form of anti-semitism, homophobia, and bullying of those perceived as ‘different’, interspersed with photos of Anne and her life: a normal young girl, leading a normal life…. until the day her family had to go into hiding.

The effect on the audience was palpable, there was much animated discussion both during and after the presentation, with everyone expressing a determination to do their utmost to fight discrimination, prejudice and bullying wherever they meet it, along with the realisation that, even here in this relatively peaceful and beautiful part of the world, these things still exist.

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