We are at One

Douglas and Denise with presenter Sarah Mack

Today, a crew from the One Show (on BBC1) were at the Crask filming a piece following on from the press coverage of the Dedication and Commissioning of the Ministry St Trolla’s last weekend.  The result will be aired as part of the One Show on BBC1 on Monday (30th April) at 7pm (segment actually at about 7:25pm).

Crask dedicated to St Trolla

At today’s service of commissioning and dedication at the Crask Inn, Bishop Mark dedicated this community of worship, welcome and spirituality to St Trolla.  St Trolla (or Triduana) lived in the 7-8th centuries and is thought by some to have been one of several abbesses who accompanied St Regulus to Scotland when he brought the relics of St Andrew from Constantinople. She is also thought to have accompanied St Boniface on his mission to Pictland in AD 715.  St Trolla is commemorated in two places in East Sutherland, including St Trolla’s Chapel at Loth near Brora.

It was a splendid gathering of nearly 80 people who shared worship, fellowship and a wonderful spread lovingly prepared by Douglas and his team.  Bishop Mark dedicated the Crask for its twin tasks of welcome and hospitality and worship and spirituality and in so doing he sprinkled holy water at the entrance and in the principal rooms.

After which we celebrated The Eucharist:

All those involved in planning and ensuring the smooth running of a memorable occasion are to be congratulated (including fixing such glorious weather), +Mark, Denise and Douglas and their band of helpers – well done:-)

In his masters steps …

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Two dozen hardy souls braved the elements, “thou the snow lay round about deep and crisp and even” to Kai and Mike’s traditional readings and carols at the Crask on Thursday (even if a couple of days late for the Feast of Stephen).

We sat around a furnace of a stove, sang, listened and of course shared in Kai and Mike’s legendary hospitality – scones, mince pies, tea, coffee and all the rest.  Thanks to everyone,  it was truly wonderful.

A lovely gentle service at the Crask

The December Crask service attracted a sizeable congregation including several people who had not been before.  We reflected on the journey towards Christmas which starts at the Annunciation (March 25th) and culminates in the Word becoming Flesh in a manger in Bethlehem.

Don’t forget the traditional Carols at the Crask service and fellowship next Thursday (December 28th) starting at 2pm.

Have a blessed Christmas.

Today at the Crask

Today, a lovely gathering at the Crask, including three who haven’t joined us before (welcome to Martha, Muriel and Gordon).  The Crask really is a special place and the Church is so blessed to have it, thanks to the generosity of Kai and Mike.

… and of course followed by food, fellowship, conversation and fun (just a few of those there).

Thanks Douglas.