Baptism and Marriage


Baptism is held in common by all the mainstream Christian denominations and so Baptism in the Scottish Episcopal Church is Baptism into the wider Christian community, just as Baptism in  another tradition is Baptism into the Scottish Episcopal Church.

As a Christian Church we welcome all who seek Baptism either for themselves or for their child(ren).  Infant or adult Baptisms (also sometimes referred to as Christenings) are generally arranged to take place as part of a Sunday Eucharist in one of our congregations.  The reason for this is to emphasise that the newly baptised are being welcomed into the Church.  If you would like baptism either for yourself or for your child, please contact us via the details in our Contact Details page.

If you are already Baptised in another tradition and are now worshipping with us, we are happy to discuss ways in which that transition can be marked publicly in an appropriate way.


Episcopal Clergy are licensed to conduct weddings in their Churches (and under some circumstances in other places).  If you are considering getting married in one of our churches, please get in touch via the details in our Contact Details page.

Once you’ve made contact, we can have a conversation about what kind of wedding you’re looking for.  Weddings in the Scottish Episcopal Church are tailored to the couple who are getting married and you should expect expect to have a significant involvement in planning the service, including choosing which prayers, readings and vows are used. The service itself will be based around the resources in the Scottish Episcopal Church’s Marriage Liturgy, which is very flexible and allows for a variety of different approaches.

People sometimes ask whether they can get married in church if they have been married before. The short answer is that a proportion of the people who get married in the Scottish Episcopal Church have been married before. We are able to marry couples where one or both have been married before provided the bishop consents. We would be happy to discuss this if it applies to you.

Fuller details of the necessary procedures of both the Church and Civil authorities are to be found in Getting Married: the practical details.

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