Mental Health Awareness week

The theme of Mental Health Awareness Week (9 to 15 May 2022) this year is ‘loneliness’. 

Local author Philip Paris will be talking about his award-winning novel “Men Cry Alone“, which broke new ground with its storyline of men being abused by their wives, but which also examines violence against women.

There is obviously a link between domestic abuse/isolation/loneliness/lockdowns and mental health. The pandemic and recent lockdowns have resulted in a significant increase in domestic violence, with victims at even greater risk of isolation than others because of the controlling behaviour of their partner. In these situations people can experience huge loneliness, while to the outside world they appear to be in a stable relationship and considered more fortunate than a person living alone. Loneliness often has nothing to do with being alone, and being alone does not have to mean being lonely.

The talk will be at the Tain library on Monday 9th May at 10.00 am

It will last about 50 minutes plus a Q&A.  It will be quite informal.  It’s free and people can simply turn up.  If you can think of anyone who might be interested please let them know.

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