Season of Creation – Self Directed Reflection at St Finnbarr’s

May be an image of text that says 'SEASON OF CREATION LOVING THE EARTH GOD LOVES'

Hi folks,

As September begins we enter the ‘Season of Creation’ and churches across the globe turn their attention to how the behaviour and actions of humankind are affecting the created world.

Many of us take ‘green issues’ very seriously, but others give little or no thought to what is happening to the planet on which we live – even pouring scorn on those who express their concerns about the very real and present threat to our existence as a species.

At St Finnbarr’s Church (Dornoch) we have put together a reflective walk – with a particular focus on water and the oceans – around the inside of our church building – looking at images and original artworks. Everyone is welcome to come along and take part in this self directed activity and church will be open from 11am – 12noon each Wednesday beginning on 8th Sept and finishing on 29th.

We hope you enjoy this reflection, but we also hope that you are challenged to consider the part you are playing in the climate crisis.

Fr Simon

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