SEI October 2020 Newsletter

The Scottish Episcopal Institute, which is responsible for training priests, deacons and lay readers in our Church, produces a monthly newsletter.

This edition of the Newsletter is the first of the new academic session.  Orientation Week this year was held on-line (see image above) and gave the new and returning students the opportunity to get to know each other and the staff.  Read all about it and much other SEI news in SEI Newsletter October 2020.

The SEI Journal’s Autumn issue features a set of articles on Pilgrimage. It includes papers from a Conference at the Church of St Margaret of Scotland, Aberdeen, in September 2018, organised by the Church in Society Committee of the Scottish Episcopal Church. The aims of the Conference were to review the history of pilgrimage in the northern part of Scotland, to assess its contribution to Scottish heritage and culture, and to look ahead to how it might continue to contribute to the development and maintenance of Christianity in Scotland.

The Journal hopes to continue to publish on the topic of pilgrimage in
its Winter 2020 issue and throughout 2021. Two years ago, the College of Bishops designated 2021 a Year of Provincial Pilgrimage. The Rt Revd Anne Dyer, Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney, lead bishop in this initiative, said: “In this designated year of pilgrimage we will be encouraging as many people as possible to make a holy journey of some kind. This can include taking part in an organised pilgrimage or spending time individually or in groups simply focusing on our own spiritual journeys.

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