Joyous Return at St Finnbarr’s

Today we celebrated our first post-lockdown Service at St Finnbarr’s in Dornoch.  It was good to be back in each other’s company, even if behind a colourful array of masks.

It was a joyous occasion for the all those who were there this morning with the sun streaming through the windows, as we lit the Paschal Candle and acknowledged Christ as the ‘Light of the World’.

Almighty God,
you sent your Son to be the light of the world
and to bring to your people the radiance of your glory:
set us aflame with the fire of your love,
and renew us in faith and hope,
that we may shine as a light in the world,
and glorify you in our lives;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

It was reassuring to hear Simon tell us that although “Jesus doesn’t calm our storms, he’s certainly there with us, because he’s Lord over everything, including the coronavirus, and he comforts us and encourages us with his words and His holy presence“.; just as he comforted the disciples with his presence when they were frightened by the storm.

Although we weren’t able to sing, Caroline provided appropriate music on the organ at a number of point in the Service.  By next week it will feel a little less strange sitting scattered around the Church  and doing things in a slightly different way from what we are used to.

A big thanks to everyone who contributed in so many ways.

There will now be a Service in St Finnbarr’s, Dornoch at 11am each Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Joyous Return at St Finnbarr’s

  1. So sad, We did not know about it, we would have loved to have been there.

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  2. It was indeed joyous to be worshipping together again, something I have missed very much. I’m sure we will all adapt to the new way of doing things, and I do hope that one day we can all sing again! Many thanks to James and Simon for a lovely service.

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