Lenten Study Group on Prayer

At the beginning of Lent, we started a Study Group on Prayer. In spite of not being able to meet physically for the last three weeks, over 20 people have continued to receive the Study Group Materials for use at home.

For those that haven’t been part of that group, but who might wish to delve into the materials, they are now available via the Web Site – here.

The materials for each session are in two forms:

  • A PDF file with sequential A4 pages
  • A PDF file with pages arranged so that if your printer can print double-sided with a short-edge binding (and you know what that all means:-) you can print it and fold it to resemble the ‘booklets’ that I was handing out for early sessions when we could meet.

If in doubt, the first format will produce something readable. If you have problems, either ask a friend or get in touch with James.

For each session, there is the session booklet and often further booklet of bits and pieces.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss any of the material, get in touch with James.


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