The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

This week is the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (18th-25th January).  The theme this year is “Unusual Kindness” which comes from a verse in the Acts of the Apostles:

After we had reached safety, we then learned that the island was called Malta. The natives showed us unusual kindness. Since it had begun to rain and was cold, they kindled a fire and welcomed all of us round it.”  Acts 28:1-2

We are invited in this year’s Week Of Prayer for Christian Unity materials to see God working through people and places which offer unusual kindness. To demonstrate unusual kindness is to give without counting the cost, and to allow ourselves receive without questioning worth. As we reflect upon, and pray for, Christian unity, we acknowledge the injury that disunity has caused, the pain that we carry, the baggage that we must jettison. We pray for Christian unity as the place from which we can move onward in faith and in hope for the redemption of the world and the restoration of creation.

May they all be one. Father, may they be one in
us, as you are in me and I am in you, so that the
world may believe that it was you who sent me.

John 17: 20 – 21

On Sunday, the Easter Ross Inter-Church Group (ERICG) held a lovely service in St Josephs, Invergordon at which there wer folk from a number of different Churches celebrating the wonderful things that we as Christians share in common.  Splendid refreshments afterward too – an act of generosity and kindness by our hosts!!

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