Diocesan News – September/October 2019

The September/October Diocesan Newsletter is now available.

In it, Bishop Mark writes…

Dear Friends

I am writing this at Arpafeelie and it is lovely to be here with a little bit of time to look at the way that the seasons are changing, the first glimpses of Autumn on the trees, the arrival of sheep back into the neighbouring field and last night we lit our first fire for many months.
I love Autumn and I am thankful that I am able to travel around this beautiful diocese and how these seasonal changes bring fresh colour to the view.

This year though we are confronted by the very difficult political situation in the country, we are very aware of dangers and difficulties across the world and we are increasingly concerned for the changes that we have caused in the environment around us.

The questions of Should I light that fire? Should we change our car? How better could we heat our churches? These questions and more need to be addressed by the Church if we are to continue as stewards of God’s Creation. Please remember this as we approach our harvest festivals. How can we best care for the world, for the nations and for the country’s relationship with others. We can’t just keep taking we must be prepared to give back something for the benefit of this world.


+Mark Moray : Primus

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