Diocesan News – July August 2019

The July & August 2019 Diocesan Newsletter is now available.

In it, Bishop Mark writes…

Dear Friends

I am writing this letter as I sit in my study at Arpafeelie, the weather is a typically Highland summer, moments of intense sun and blue sky followed by a rain squall. In many ways that is what the church is like. Moments of intense beauty and joy quickly followed by moments of anxiety and storm.

It had always been like this, read the Acts of the Apostles and the Letters to the Churches and you will see much of the same. In the last few days of meetings and pastoral visits , I have had moments of joy and deep prayerfulness as well as times of fear and anxiety as things shift around me, just like the weather, just like the power of God’s Creation. The question I have to ask myself is, ‘Would I want the weather to be always the same, continuous sun or continuous rain?’ ‘Well no, I love the sun and I love the effect of the rain.’ At Arpafeelie you can see the weather coming and I love to sit and watch the clouds form, move over and the sun break through.

Therefore would I want the life of the diocese to be always a moment of sunshine or does it need the power of the occasional squall for us all to remember how important the church is to us. Moments when the senses are heightened by the freshness of the garden after a shower of rain, moments of joy when worship is intense because we gather together again after the storm.


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