Revd Sandy Sutherland at Umbrella in Golspie

Umbrella is a Christian social club in Golspie, set up to deepen friendships and build bridges within the Christian Community. Umbrella is independent, not part of, or affiliated to, any denomination of the church.

At Umbrella, Christians meet for a cup of tea or coffee, enjoy the company of old friends and the chance to make new ones. It is open to anyone, whether they go to church, (any church), or not.

Venue: The Stag’s Head (Main St, Golspie) each Monday 10.30 – 12 noon
Cost: Free! (“Donations box” for contributions towards expenses).

Revd Sandy Sutherland

On Monday June 3rd,

Rev. Sandy Sutherland

will be at “Umbrella” to give a presentation titled

‘Revelation in Creation’.

Sandy is an excellent photographer, especially know for his pictures of birds. His plan is to show pictures of the creation as well as to say something about his personal testimony.

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who would like to come along and try “Umbrella”, they would be very welcome.

For further information:

or speak to James.



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