SEI May 2019 Newsletter

Janet, Fr Peter CR (Mirfield Principal) and Lisa

The Scottish Episcopal Institute, which is responsible for training priests, deacons and lay readers in our Church, produces a monthly newsletter.  If you are interested in what the Institute and its students have been up to, you can read all about it in MAY 2019 News from SEI

During Holy Week three of the SEI community, Lisa Curtice (from Glasgow), Janet Spence (from our Diocese) and Principal Anne Tomlinson, spent time with the Community and College of the Resurrection, Mirfield, experiencing their Holy Week journey. And what a journey it was!

Lisa writes: ‘During Holy Week the first words of the morning were the morning office, and we fell asleep with the cadences of the plainchant in our ears. This rhythm quieted our minds in preparation for the journey ahead. And while we breathed in a warm spring, blossom and birdsong, that inner journey continued softly through sorrow and waiting until it burst into a crescendo of noise and light on Easter morning. This was the day.

Janet writes: ‘I am so grateful to have received support from the St James’ Fund to enable me to spend the Easter Triduum at the Community of the Resurrection in Mirfield. A time of silence, and modest fasting. And yet this time was a feast: the intense taste of a plain hot cross bun on Good Friday, having fasted since Thursday’s high tea; the darkness at 4.30am making the Paschal Candle flame that we followed into the dark church shine SO brightly; the song of a single bird as we entered the lower church at 4.45am on Easter Sunday; and the exuberant joy and touch of blessed water from the font splashed with abandon as we felt the joy of Christ’s resurrection. Hallelujah! Christ is Risen!

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