Lent Retreat 2018

Artwork by Elizabeth Wang

The Ignatian Spirituality Centre in Glasgow is offering an online Lent Retreat in the form of a course in prayer. It’s aim is to help participants get to know and love Jesus Christ better, in order to live a deeper and more authentic Christian life of service.  Details are to be found at the dedicated Lent Retreat website.

Every day the web site offers: one passage from Scripture, plus another meditation and a picture to ponder. They also give a few suggestions each day on how to pray the day’s materials.

The Centre also suggests that although this retreat may be used by individuals, there is value in retreatants meeting together as a group from time to time to support each other in prayer and help them to see where God is in their prayer and in their lives. Such a group might also introduce members to different ways of praying with Scripture.

There are such groups in various parts of Scotland, but none so far in our area.  If you wish to follow the retreat AND would find meeting up as a group helpful, speak to James.

There is no charge for participation in the Lenten Retreat 2018, but the Ignation Spirituality Centre is always happy to receive donations to help them cover their costs.

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